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Welcome to the home site for the Mortal Realm Witch Series by Jennifer Priester. This middle grade fantasy series has received great feedback overall and good reviews from eager readers and reluctant readers alike! Anyone ages 8 and up who love to read about animals and magic will love this uniquely written series. 

The Mortal Realm Witch Series is designed to grow with the reader as well as introduces them to different types of storytelling. The first book in the series features short stories, each told by a different character. DWW herself tells both the first and last stories, while the rest of her story is told by others. This book includes a third person story as well. In book one, much about DWW is left to the reader to decide based on what they read about her. She begins to open up more and allow the reader to really get to know her as the series progresses. 

The second book in the series, once again features short stories, however this time there is a story in which the reader needs to put together the clues given in the story to find out where the story takes place, what the characters name is, and what he looks like. This book also includes a story that is told from multiple viewpoints. Jennifer helpfully included a character portrait before each time the characters switch to make sure no reader gets left behind during this adventure. The final new storytelling style in this book includes stories within a story as DWW looks back on her past and shares some memories about growing up as a witch in the Mortal Realm. 

The third book in the series is the first full length novel while books four and five return to the interconnecting short story formal, but the books are longer, flow better, and have less spacing between each line of the story. Like book three, book six is once again a full length novel but with less spacing between each line like books four and five. 

The first series companion book features very short stories so it can be read by readers a bit younger than 8. This book is ideal for readers who might be close to the right age for the Mortal Realm Witch series, but aren't quite ready for it yet.  
The Mortal Realm Witch Series 
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